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Craig Boivin, SVP, UMassFive College Federal Credit Union

"If you’re looking for help growing or scaling your business using smart strategies delivered from a knowledgeable and experienced professional, reach out to Jeff."

Craig Boivin, VP Marketing, UMassFive College Federal Credit Union

UMassFive College Federal Credit Union

Steve Bryant

"A passion for helping his clients"

We hired Jeff as an outside consultant to provide marketing guidance on how to promote our online training course.  He was well organized with a game plan after reviewing our goals and helped us launch a Facebook campaign from scratch, refining our ads for optimal conversions and setting up tracking with Google.

You can tell JD has a passion for helping his clients achieve their goals, going above and beyond to make sure he delivers results.  I highly recommend Jeff to anyone that is looking to grow their business!

Steve Bryant, Dean at GovSales University

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Cody Milewski

"Immeasurable value"

As a predominantly creative sided brain as well as an operator of a successful video production company, creating time to develop growth strategies grew to become quite scarce.

That was all until our team met Jeff Dolan. He understands creativity In the finest ways. Jeff's industry experience and noble accomplishments within, has allowed our team to trust in his guidance. In our case, a shorter path to retirement is the result of trusting in the immeasurable value of his knowledge.

Cody Milewski, CEO at Cassian Films, Inc.

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"Extremely strong, strategic judgement "

Jeff is an amazing teammate and an even better person. Creative, detail-oriented, and tenacious, Jeff regularly gets things done that others would consider impossible.

He inspires a high level of performance across our entire team by the example he sets of hard work, integrity, and focus.  Jeff also has extremely strong, strategic judgement about what's likely to work or not work, preventing me as CEO from going down unprofitable rabbit holes.

We are grateful for Jeff's contributions and very fortunate to have him as a team leader at Pronto Tax School, Inc.

Andy Frye, CEO at Pronto Tax School, Inc.

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The future you is more powerful than you can imagine with the right guidance. Let us help you unlock what's blocking you.

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If you have any general questions before you schedule a time to talk, we understand and appreciate it. Choosing the right partner and strategist is a big decision. We will also be evaluating whether we can help you. If not, we will give you our recommendation and wish you well.

Jake Geller

"One of the best marketing consultants"

Jeff possesses both hard and soft skills that are necessary to plan, execute, communicate, and train ANY type of business on growth opportunities. His past experience in film, growing businesses, funnel building, and corporate sales makes him a fierce competitor within the marketing landscape. No need to worry, though a fierce competitor, Jeff communicates with enthusiastic energy and exhibits acts of patience far greater than the average person.

To Jeff clients are more than just a "signature on a contract" they become part of the JDM family where he pushes, advises, encourages, and educates the business on becoming actionably "better". Plain and simple: Jeff Dolan is one of the best marketing consultants I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

Jake Geller, SaaS Founder, Real Estate Investor

Caleb Morgan

"Wealth of knowledge"

Jeff is a wealth of knowledge regarding startups, marketing trends & strategies, business scalability, podcasting, & technology.

I learned valuable business tactics as I worked alongside him that I still reference to this day. Most of all, Jeff is kind-hearted & people-oriented. I have witnessed his generosity & helpfulness not only towards myself but also towards outside professionals he crossed paths with along the way.

If you’re looking for help growing or scaling your business using smart strategies delivered from a knowledgeable & experienced professional, reach out to Jeff. 

Caleb Morgan, Corporate Magician

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"Powerful guidance"

Jeff's background in sales development and leadership uniquely positions him to help business leaders (like me) understand and leverage all the nuances of the customer journey. Then, when you couple his sales acumen with his creative eye and marketing savvy, you realize just how powerful his guidance can become. 

If you're a start-up founder or small business owner looking to increase traffic, I highly suggest tapping Jeff as a support system. He's smart, kind, experienced, and thorough.

Brandon Walker, Founder & CEO at  Beanie & Blazer


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